View Full Version : D1 Drifting Videos Online

02-10-2005, 09:25 AM
CarTV has gone into a deal with D1 to carry drifting video online - free to view. CarTV provides videos to sites like Autobytel.com, Autoweb.com, Car.com, CarSmart.com, Autosite.com and others. Over the next few weeks CarTV will be publishing over 100 drifting videos. You can find some of them already online at:



02-11-2005, 12:53 PM
CarTV just launched the free service of allowing you to submit your own video to be placed on their streaming servers. Once placed on the streaming servers, you can link to the video from your own webpage or email. For instructions, email video@autobytel.com

Pretty much they just need a URL or FTP address for a high quality version of the video, then they download it, compress it to 320x240 and place it on their network of streaming servers. Once it's uploaded, you'll be provided a link to call the video so that you can embed it into your own web page or email to a friend. Videos can not contain any adult material or language and you will need to make sure you have rights to any music you use in your video.