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03-01-2005, 02:04 AM
I finally found time to sort through everything. I forgot how much more tiring shooting an event is when the venue is filled with 10,000+ spectators. It was definitely a fun event and action filled. I hope you all enjoy my coverage and hopefully I'll get the opportunity to cover events in the future.

As always, you can skip the writing stuff and view the full gallery here: http://www.phidong.com/gallery/d1gpro05c

Coverage by www.phidong.com / foureight.net

- Phi




A jumbotron (or mini-tron in this case) was unveiled and provided limited video during the event as well as the leaderboard.

After placing fourth in qualifying rounds, Rhys Millen failed to make it past the best 8.



Kumakubo spins out during a tandem drift against Kazama. Despite a good day, Kumakubo's mistake in the Semi-Finals would cost him a chance at a repeat of Fontana in December.


View the full gallery here:

Read the unabridged article here:

The day began with somewhat of uncertainty in the air. My ride and shooting partner for the day, John, didn't arrive at my house until 9AM, which might have been a good thing because I got an extra two hours of sleep. I still wasn't sure if I would be receiving a photo vest for the day. There would be a lot of media at Irwindale that day, but unlike the qualifying round the day before there would be even more spectators.

I grabbed our charged batteries and equipment and we hopped on the freeway and headed out to the event, just in time to make the first round. It hadn't even been 24 hours since the clouds of rubber met our faces and we were right in the thick of things again. Luckily for us, the guy manning the photo vests gave us one after a little persistence.

There was little time to play around though, D1GP round one had just begun and 20 drivers would compete in solo drifts to get ranked into a group of 16 who would begin tandem drift rounds to determine a winner. An American driver has never won a D1GP event and the Japanese drifters made sure chances of this this first occuring would be slim with their supurb drifting. Rhys Millen and his Pontiac sponsored GTO would be the only American continuing on into the first tandem drift round. After a day filled with crashes and mechanical problems, the first 20 went through nearly without a hitch.

That is, until the side story of this event, Orido, a judge of the event last year making his appearance for the first time in a competition in many years, took town a whole wall of banners and several hay stacks, cutting his day short.

Orido in his RS-R sponsored Supra knocks out a couple of hay stacks, sending him out of the competition earlier than expected.

Over 10,000 filled the grandstands of Irwindale to see their favorite drifters duke it out in an automotive battle of finess and skill.

Irwindale, Ca - The 10,000 spectators would get a longer break than expected between the 20 and 16-best rounds because of a slight delay, but the tandem drifting would prove to be very entertaining. In the end, however, it would come down to Youichi Imamura in his Mazda FD and Yasuyuki Kazama in his green Nissan S15 going at it all the way into the final hairpin where Kazama would ultimately pass Imamura and secure a victory in the first round.


A frustrated Imamura steps away from the crowd to regather himself. Imamura had an excellent weekend, only to be passed by Kazama in the final hairpin.

Yasuyuki Kazama of KEI received $5,000 for placing first in his Nissan S15.

Kazama stands on top of his S15 after being croned the victor of Round One.

Gallery: http://www.phidong.com/gallery/d1gpro05c/ (the competition - sunday)
qualifying round (saturday): http://www.phidong.com/gallery/d1gpqro05

03-01-2005, 10:28 AM
Let me be the first to say, Nice Photos.

I hope my guys at mophos.net will come out with some crazy shot. I heard him say that he got atleast 15-20 shots of Orido Crashing.


03-01-2005, 11:26 AM
Let me be the first to say, Nice Photos.

I hope my guys at mophos.net will come out with some crazy shot. I heard him say that he got atleast 15-20 shots of Orido Crashing.


Thanks Al. Means a lot. :)


Theres a gif I made.. lol

Bathurst R
03-01-2005, 11:37 AM
good stuff :) nice gif! keep 'em coming!!! thanx

03-01-2005, 01:20 PM
were these just for your site? or were you workin for someone?

some great shots!!

what camera were ya usin? 1D?

03-01-2005, 01:41 PM
were these just for your site? or were you workin for someone?

some great shots!!

what camera were ya usin? 1D?

Thanks! I was shooting with a club (Imports@UCI) that I am no longer a part of, so they'll use some of the pictures to help sell tickets and hype up people and stuff (I think they sold 120 tickets to for Sunday) for the next event. I'm in the process of getting a portfolio together and shopping it around. Hopefully I'll pick something up, heh.

I was actually using a 20D to cover this event. It is a great camera. :) I definitely had a lot of fun shooting this event. During qualifying round I got the chance to play around and I picked up some pretty long shutter pans (1/30-1/50s) but things always get more serious during competition because you want to capture everything without too many holes in coverage so I had to shoot 1/80-1/125s on Sunday.

Heres a shot from qualifying I managed to pull off at 1/30s. I love how the signs get blurred in the back, but the amount of keepers I was getting was less than 1 in 10, partly because of me not being able to pan smooth enough and partly because the cars are drifting at an angle, not moving straight.

Canon 20D, 85mm f/1.8, 1/30s, f/16, ISO 100, shutter priority

Were you out shooting on Sunday too? I might've bumped into you or seen you. I'm the little asian guy that had green flourescent tape all over his camera. My Sigma flash had a strip of gaffers holding the door shut that said "Canon, I swear" on it.

Note: I didn't have the bengal tiger stripes on my camera for the event though, unfortunately http://www.phidong.com/images/smiles/laugh.gif

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nice pics!!

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nice pics!!

thanks man <3

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Yea, i shot both days. I was the tall skinny white dude with the "myspace" truckers hat on. Slung sideways most of the day to keep the bill from bumping into the camera.

I saw ya around, i thought the gaffers tape was pretty funny! hehe...

BTW - if this "club" that you're shooting for is making money by selling tickets using your pictures, you should DEFINATELY be compensated for that... don't let other people profit off of your hard work without keeping you in the loop!!

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VERY nice shots man. I like the camera too!

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Awsome shots.. keep up the good work...

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Nice RC car pics man. I will be the first to admit that taking pictures of RC cars is pretty hard.




This was from JGTC last year.. those little suckers move fast!