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SIL-180 Drifter
05-23-2003, 07:12 PM
just like the title says... searched ebay and found nothing...

anyone know any good Car DVD's that show Drifting?? so far i only know of:

Grip Video(www.Gripvideo.com (http://www.Gripvideo.com))
On The Scene 3(Trailer HERE (http://www.apt107.com/assets/onthescene/dvdv3/dvdv3_teaser.wmv))

juss bought this:
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...93&category=617 (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3327787493&category=617)

SiGNAL Auto is in it, and Drifter-X's own 180SX... anyone can sell me a piece of paper saying SiGNAL Auto and i would prolly buy it for $20...

05-23-2003, 07:37 PM
Do you mind if they are in Japanese?

SIL-180 Drifter
05-23-2003, 08:43 PM
hmm... do they have english subtitles?

05-24-2003, 07:31 AM
I have to make sure they have subtitles.


05-27-2003, 12:54 AM
i am actually also a DVD wholesaler and distributor for all the american originated import racing DVD's and all the japanese ones as well.

the current hot flic out in the industry over here that is COMPLETELY IN ENGLISH and has all the crazy video that any drift tengoku does is called HASHIRIYA. it has real deal footage of all the guys that came to Drift Showoff not too long ago like Koguchi, Bai (drifter x) and a ton of others. not trying to sell shiet here, just bring the real info. it has all the footage of them drifting at night on the osaka, japan streets, touge racing (mountain racing and drift), interviews with all the top shops in japan, and some killer road race and even a little japanese skyline drag racing and such. it is also an american coded DVD so it will work in ANY dvd player you have unlike some of the japanese ones where you need a foreign market decoder check the pic...


so, i know everyone in the drift scene is pretty hard up for cash. i can sell this vid through my company to anyone from here for 20 dollars. they usually sell for 25-28 in the stores easily. it is a legit real deal plastic wrapped dvd in a box and the whole 9 direct from my wherehouse.

i can be reached mon-fri usually anytime during sane hours at 310.323.8144. shipping is through UPS of course with tracking numbers, can take credit cards or paypal, whatever is easier for you. if you have questions just email me at info@optionboyonline.com and i will hit ya back as soon as i get it.

i carry a lot of stuff, like the grip videos, mischief vids, etc. the main retail store site will be up soon where u can get all this stuff including all the japanese titles like option, option2, drift tengoku, auto works, all the hyperREV books,etc. so, i will let ya'll know when that happens too. hope this info helps ya!


05-27-2003, 01:24 AM
hmm all the hyper-revs eh? Do we get even more of a discount if we order multiple issues of hyper-rev?:D

By the way, good luck with optionboyonline.com, looks like it's going to turn out pretty good

05-27-2003, 01:44 AM
this is kinda the way the media aftermarket industry works... there is little to slim markup on any japanese magazines or video titles. the stuff comes from japan, gets taxed to hell at our borders and taxed again to the consumers... really lame. the cost on the hyperREV at the store, if you can find it, isn't that far off from what they bought it for. when i buy in bulk from japan, i get better pricing than a normal consumer, so i can pass some of the savings minus shipping costs incurred.

but to answer your question, ya, i can basically give anyone on here who either emails or calls me and referrences a post they saw on drifting.com a discount and help them however i can. i can't give silly crazy pricing out like everyone wants because business wise it is just not doable. the product costs a lot to begin with depending on what you want. just let me know what you need and i will do the best i can to help everyone in this industry out. i totally don't believe in jacking the customer of their money. it straight pissshes me off when i see someone online selling a japanese dvd for like 30 or 32 dollars. that is nuts! so, none of that price gouging from me. lol. hope i can help ya out on the hyper revs. email or call and i will do what i can :D oh, thanks for the props on the site too, hehe, it is coming along. will notify when it launches.


05-28-2003, 11:47 AM
Can you list all of the titles you sell?

06-09-2003, 12:47 AM
U asked for it. hehe, the list is a bit lengthy, but i included a brief write up of the titles so u know what is in them. the newest one we got is from 360VM and is called JDM INSIDER. don't let the wack title fool you. the phrase JDm is a bit layed i admit, but right now this is the hottest vid in the line up out of all of them. like i have said before, i am all about the japanese vids for my personal collection, but this title straight raised the bar for the rest of the companies. they need to play catch up now. the editing is straight sik, music is hot, and the footage is very original and hard to get. ALL FROM JAPAN. Here is the list,i included the ordering codes in there to make it easier if u want one. if you have any questions email me info@optionboyonline.com

360 Video Magazine DVD Titles

Volume . 4 Item # DVD-360VM-4
Issue 4 includes coverage from Import Showoff, IDRA,
Battle of the Imports, Underground street races,
Import Jam, Goodtimes, Hot Import Nights, Vtecnik,
and CMI. Plus club coverage, girls, models and Bootie!!
Special features include Import Jam (Uncut Version).

Volume . 5 . Shakedown Item # DVD-360VM-5
This is 360 Video Issue 5 SHAKEDOWN. Events covered
in this issue include: Import Showoff Redondo Beach,
Jamboree Japan Town, Import Showoff Hawaii, Battle
2000, CMI Sacramento, Seattle Carshow, Import Tuner
Party Hollywood, Vallejo Import Saga, Import Showdown
Houston, Faime Show Sacramento, Best of the Best
Breakdancing Competition, Hot Import Nights San Diego,
Hot Import Nights San Mateo and the Alphanumeric

Volume . 6 . Reset Item # DVD-360VM-6
Event coverage includes: Hot Import Nights,
Long Beach, CA. Import Expo, Houston, TX. NHRA Import Nationals, Pomona, CA. Hot Import Nights, San Mateo, CA. Import Autofest, Extreme Autorama, Hot Import Dayz, San Mateo, CA. Tokyo Auto Salon, Streetcar Showoff, Honolulu, HI. Import Tuner party and The Mecca at Ibiza. Profiles include: Linda Lee (model), Jon Pek, (Mercedes), Formula 1 (team), and Susan Barba (female racer).WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS NUDITY!

Volume . 7. Hard Drive Item # DVD-360VM-7HD
Hot Import Nights, Import Showoff, CMI Sacramento, Extreme Autofest and Autorama. A sexy model profile and video shoot with the beautiful Cherie Roberts. Guest appearance models include Sasha Singleton, Christine Mendoza and Hanna. Team profiles from Jinsoku, Ultra Speed, Deceptions, and an individual profile on driver Andy Bui. Club events from MASS Productions, Climax Entertainment, and C4 Productions.

Volume . Timelapse Item # DVD-360VM-TL
Shows, Parties, and of course the lovely models
of the import world. FEATURING: Aiko Tanaka, Flo Jalin, SEMA 2002 H.I.N., IREV, Street Racing, Drifting, Parties....and more!

Volume . JDM Insider Item # DVD-360VM-JDM
360 Video in association with H2 productions proudly presents "JDM Insider" take this rare and exclusive look into the world of Japan tuning. DVD FEATURES - 2003 Tokyo Auto Salon, Street, Track, and Mountain Drifting, Interviews with CWest and AP Engineering, plus all the skits and special segments that make 360 Video unique.

Deleted Scenes Item # DVD-360VM-DS1
This is a 2 DVD set showing you all of the clips that never made
it onto the videos and some that are just too hot to pass up.
Filled with footage from Import Showoff, the Goodtimes Carshow, a wild and crazy foam party, and much more. You'll see all this crazy and wild footage UNCUT!!! You'll get all the girls, parties, car shows, and comedy in this one of a kind release.

Volume . Deleted Scenes Part 2 Item # DVD-360VM-DS2
In this issue, you will find Import Saga 1&2 (UNCUT), Club Diesel Milk Contest, Hawaii 2001, Houston's Import Expo Booty Shak'n Contest, Evowerks Deep Inside Cherie Roberts & Linda Lee, 805 Tour Documentary Car Show Out Takes, and Team Bloopers (SVP, Formula One, Ultraspeed). Including footage from the Silicon Valley street races.

Volume . Best of 360VM Item # DVD-360VM-BO360
Car entertainment. Bringing fans back to the hey-day of
the import scene all the way to the present.

High Octane DVD Titles

Volume . High Octane . 2 Item # DVD-LS-HO2
Skyline GTR vs GT40, Night Drags, Modifying Guide, Road Trip, Track Day, Bikini contest, 400m Battle, The Man in Black, Battle Day, and a Top Speed Trial.

Volume . High Octane USA Item # DVD-LS-HOUSA
WRX vs GTR Battle, Road Car Battle Day In NZ, Willow
Springs Track Test, SEMA IAS, Abel Ibarra's RX7, IDRC in Texas,
Drift Action, Hot Import Nights San Mateo, & Viper vs Ferrari 355.

On The Scene DVD Titles

Volume . On The Scene . 1 Item # DVD-LS-OTS1
Photo shoots with Jasmine Fox Li, Kristen Muranaga, Kimberly Fisher and Lina So and Miss Showoff, and Flo Jalin. Events coverage: Little Tokyo Showoff and Carnival (LA), Pitspots (LA), and Extreme Autofest (San Jose).

Speed Trials Drift Session, Seattle Street Racing, SoCal
Riders Street Bikes Mayhem, Snowboarding, World Import
Challenge, Club 4AG Drift Demo, Behind the Scenes High Octane
USA Events/Lifestyle Coverage, SEMA International Auto Salon,
Hot Import Nights, Import Expo Chicago, RJ DeVera Spotlight,
Asian Model Expo, 2002 Miss Import Showoff Profile, and Sexy
Mansion Photo Shoots. Bonus Material includes Speed Hawaii,
Drifting bonus, Street Racing bonus, Noah body art, and Inaugural Import Revolution.

Teckademics DVD Titles

Volume . Mischief Item # DVD-TCK-MCHF-1
Illegal street racing, out-running cops, hot chicks, crazy skits, auto abuse, tight imports, fast euros, running barricades, raiding the 2002 Detroit Auto Show, secret bonus footage and a fast paced punk/metal/DJ mix soundtrack.

Volume . Mischief 3000 Item # DVD-TCK-MCHF-2
The DVD features our underground cross country race, The Gumball Rally, pro-skateboarder Josh Kalis, racing Playmates, DTM Power Australian streetracing, extreme auto launching, drifting, hot models, US streetracing, crashes, burnouts, feature cars, import shows, and race bikes.

Grip Video DVD Titles

Volume . Grip Video . 1 Item # DVD-LS-GRIP-1
Featuring celebrities such as RJ DeVera, Ken
Miyoshi, and Aiko Tanaka. Grip video visits the top tuner, Signal
Auto, Veilside, and UPFD. Event coverage of Import Revolution,
Autofest, and Hawaii's own Drift Session! Don't forget about
Mani's 860hp Supra, Motorex R33 Skyline GTR, Tommy Kaira,
Subaru WRX STI, and Cedric's 600+ hp Supra tearing it up!
Featuring new music by DJ SpyHunter, Dat-Mot & Tallman

Volume . Grip Video . 2 Item # DVD-LS-GRIP-2
Mr. Komatsu shows the world what drifting is all about, Hiro goes wild at the 240SX convention, and HKS unveils their new HKS tuned WRX.Feautres Mani Jaysinghe's LA Sports Car meet, Drift Session/Battle Version with Signal, Import Extreme, Nissan 240SX Convention, History of HKS, HKS WRX, HKS F-CON S Pro review, Street Car Showoff, Boba Tea 101 w/ RJ Devera & Ray Fong, Interview with Ken Miyoshi & Bonus out takes footage!

Volume . Grip Video . 3 Item # DVD-LS-GRIP-3
Grip 3 features 2003 Tokyo Auto Salon. Mackin Industries explains aftermarket wheels. Alex Pfeiffer drifts at Willow Springs! Import life style in Hawaii! Daikoku Futo Legendary Japan racer cruise spot! Late night street racing on the Wangan Expressway with a Top End NSX and Porsche 964 going over 260km/h! SP Engineering's Supra 7 is nuts throwing a 2JZ Supra engine in an FD3S RX-7 is insane! Special Features include Signal Auto's afterparty, IREV Model interviews: Jenn R, Sondra Barker, Malia Song, Hustler NC17 Girls, and Aiko Tanaka.

Hashiriya DVD

Volume . Hashiriya Item # DVD-360VM-HASH1
Shot at real illegal street gatherings and other sites in
Osaka, Japan.You'll first experience what real illegal street drift gatherings are like by riding along with drift legends like Signal Auto's "Drifter X" as well as getting in depth looks at street drifter's cars and mod tips from their owners. Kyoko will then take you to another round of drifting at another local spot followed by circuit drag racing at a local track. Also see what type of racing inspired the anime Initial D and watch first hand what real Uphill and Downhill drifiting is like on those windy and narrow roads - and what happens when the cops show up! Visit real shops in Japan like Signal Auto and Select Auto with their carbon kevlar bodied 700+ horsepower R34 Skyline GTR. All of this is followed up by visits to Mainstream Productions' Import Showoff Del Mar and Nisei Week 2002.
Produced in Japan, but made for the English speaking world, this
DVD is completely in English. Some segments are spoken in English,
others are dubbed. All region DVD.

Urban Outlaws DVD

Volume . Import Mayhem Item # DVD-360VM-IM
Watch us take you from car to actual street races, from drift sessions to drag racing. Don't walk away wondering what's in store for you..."All the cars, girls, and mayhem without the bells and whistles." Featuring: Street Racing - Chicago, IL / Hayward, CA / San Jose, CA Hot Import Nights - Atlantic City, NJ / Del Mar, CA / San Jose, CA / Seattle, WA Import Motion - San Mateo, CA CMI Sacramento / Sacramento Drag Racing Redondo Beach Car Show Import Showoff Classic IREV - Houston, TX Evoworks Car Show - Santa Clara, CA Plus special drift sessions from HAWAII.

If you have any question please email info@optionboyonline.com

I think that was my largest post in my internet history. wow.


Dori Star
06-09-2003, 08:08 AM
Originally posted by optionboyONLINE
WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS NUDITY. sounds like my kind of movie! ill order some @ d1 driver event...

06-11-2003, 10:44 AM
yeah. i have to say. 360 Japan is the illest video right now. no other video touches it. subtitles, voice overs, everything. I've been a part of 360 video since video 1 back in 1995 or 96 was it, when we first covered the D1 series in Japan. Nobody understood why I pushed so hard for that footage to be in there. Now you know why. Too bad alot of people are just getting into it. it's been around for so long. Mainstream or not, it will be here for a long time.

(and the name JDM Insider is a super wack name. I'm not a part of 360 anymore, but do have some input. This, i didn't. )

06-12-2003, 12:44 PM
just picked up multiple copies of drift tengoku 1-9 and the option d1 specials that have 2 in the case. it will all be at the booth this weekend at D1, so, come by and talk at me when u get a chance if you want em. if you can't come to the show just email me at info@optionboyonline.com later!!

06-12-2003, 12:51 PM
Optionboy, are there trailers on the web for these DVD titles?

06-12-2003, 11:44 PM
not as of right now. once the site launches there will be previews of all the vids of course. i will have multiple videos playing at the event, so you can see them there too. was there a particular drift d1 session you were looking for? i have all the older school drift and d1 competitions as well going back to 2000. hope to see everyone out there, if ya got questions on the vids specifically, just hit me at info@optionboyonline.com

06-13-2003, 12:42 AM
I've had the Hashiriya DVD for a while. Some pretty nice drifting!! I remember once when 360 Vid Mag came down to tape one of our drift sessions. I was having a really bad day and all they showed was me spinning out. I dont blame them!! Doh!!

06-13-2003, 01:19 AM
we just signed on PACIFIC MOTORSPORTS in hawaii as a distributor of all the vid. i think they are on the big island, not sure... so, if u know them, or of them, or whatever, drop by their shop and check out their vids, u can get them there if u live in HAWAII.

u people in hawaii are so hot on the scooters. if u live there, please for the love of god send me scooter drifting pics or vids or something to info@optionboyonline.com hehe, too much fun. i got a scoot, will post pics later, time for sleep, byebye

06-13-2003, 09:30 AM
I would love to get some Option Videos and other Japanese drifting videos

06-13-2003, 06:37 PM
Hi there...

I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and I'd like to get some DVDs from ya (optionboyONLINE).

I do have a Paypal account and a street adress @ Miami - FL.

Please, lemme know which one(s) is (are) the very best videos out there...:rolleyes:

I mean, the best 3 of them...



06-13-2003, 07:47 PM
BTW, I have downloaded two previews...

- High Octane Usa
- High Octane 4

Looks like both are the from the same one...:rolleyes:

Do you know the difference (if there is) between them?!


06-13-2003, 10:22 PM
the high octane USA title was made for USA only for coding purposes and given a different title. if you purchased either of them out of the united states, they may be similar. i knew there were multiple versions of it with different titles, this is the first time i heard about it though. =D


11-10-2008, 01:47 PM
The Rhys Millen DVD about his 2005 Formula D win is getting really solid reviews.

Here's a synopsis:

Champion drifter Rhys Millen revisits the exhilaration and intensity of the 2005 Formula D Season in the action packed documentary Mad Skills. Coming off a potentially disastrous crash in Chicago, Millen and his crew have less than a week to get his GTO ready for the finals in Irwindale. Complicating matters, the RX8 Rhys built for his father, the legendary rally driver Rod Millen, may not be able to compete in the final race.

Battling mechanical difficulties, crew troubles and formidable competitors including his good friends Samuel Hubinette and Tanner Foust, Rhys must remain sharply focused to ensure his victory and win the championship.

Filled with explosive door-on-door action, tire smoke and out control spins Mad Skills offers a never-before-seen look into the art of driving sideways.


11-10-2008, 04:21 PM
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