View Full Version : 92 240sx Coupe stolen SOCAL

02-28-2006, 08:36 AM
Stolen 92 NIssan Coupe 240SX Hinga Car!
Body: I need a big favor!!! One of my team mates had his car jacked last night from his home and the car is his baby!!

I suspect it was done by someone from a local shop or an inside person, cause He lives in a discreet area. All persons with information pertinent to this car has been presented to the police. This means anyone and every shop with this cars location information have been given to the police.

All the local authorities have been notified and individuals and shops that have been in contact with this car have been notified.

All local security systems have been checked.


If you se this flip up head light car in your area gimme a call......7605299584...