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05-05-2006, 07:37 AM

Signal Auto Returns to Battle!
Formula D Round 2 - Atlanta, May 13th, 2006!
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Signal Auto is bringing their R34 Skyline GTR back out for Formula D round 2 in Atlanta, Georgia. With their impressive showing in Formula D round 1, the GTR has been retuned and reconfigured after gaining vital experience during the first round. A new lightweight chromoly cage has been built for the car, and the engine has been retuned to 550rwhp to provide a much broader powerband, ideal for drifting. With the car previously weighing over 3400lbs, Signal Auto is trying to bring down some of the weight of the vehicle. Retuned and returning for Battle, round 2 is set to be a very important battle for Signal Auto, in their quest for Formula D dominance.

Signal Auto created a stir over a month ago with news that they would be participating in the Formula D 2006 season. Not only was Signal Auto participating in Formula D, but they would be campaigning their legendary R34 Skyline GTR, converted to RWD and tuned for drifting!

The Signal Auto R34 Skyline GTR made it's drifting debut early April for Formula D Round 1. Set in the picturesque Streets of Long Beach, the sounds of screaming tires, screaming fans, and the roaring engines would set the stage for Signal Auto. Yukinubo Okubo, or "Bony Okubo" amongst friends and the Signal family would be piloting the GTR. Okubo was no stranger to drifting, but this would be Okubo's first time in a US points based competition against the American drivers. Having only driven the GTR once before at an exhibition run for the Nopi Nationals half a year ago, immense pressure was on Okubo to perform for the massive amounts of spectators, and to help continue Signal Auto's amazing motorsports legacy in the US.

During qualifying and practice, Okubo and the GTR would go on to claim top placement, and carried some of the most speed and cleanest runs of the day. Once competition began, the GTR would prove to be one of the most competitive vehicles on the track and edge out most of the competition. Defeating many of his highly skilled American competitors, the competition would come to a climax in his battle against Rhys Millen in the Pontiac GTO. With equally powered vehicles, it became a battle of drivers, with the extremely crafty Rhys edging out Okubo.

Okubo would go on to place 5th overall in a very close points ranking, and the Signal Auto R34 Skyline GTR would be voted as the crowd favorite for Meguair's "Cleanest Drift" award.

Please show your support for Signal Auto and Okubo in Round 2 of Formula D!