View Full Version : Hi everybody! (hi dr. nick)

06-26-2003, 01:23 AM
hey everyone. I'm another poor sap stuck in Korea, away from motorsports for a year. how sad, eh? I just stumbled upon your forum and thought I'd sign up. Heres the lowdown - I'm from Portland OR and I roll an 86 RX7 GXL (its got lsd! thank god...). My beloved 1st gen MR2 blew its lil head gasket a few days before i moved, so it got left behind. the RX7 was origianlly a temporary fix till I could get an MR2 Turbo. but now I'm not so sure. I kinda fell in love with the ol FC. I havnt got passed the basic mods yet, but thats not the point. I was wondering if anyone (anyone?) knows any people/places to drive in Oregon, or Korea for that matter. Korea seems to have such a huge void of motorsport- its appaling. or is it that I just cant find it...

- Josh