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07-24-2009, 02:01 PM
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Race Day Media
07-24-2009, 06:49 PM
For Immediate Release –

Redondo Beach CA, July 24, 2009 – PM Racing, and its driver Patrick Mordaunt were heading into round four of the Formula Drift Championships on a mission. The tagline, “All In” for this Las Vegas hosted event .Couldn’t be truer for the determined PM Racing team. After spinning out, in a fearsome one more time battle with veteran Taka Aono in Rd. 3 at New Jersey. Mordaunt and his team were optimistic about their return to “Sin City” Optimism would later turn to frustration, as the team ran into a major technical issue. With the PM Racing/Toyo Tires/Wrecked Magazine Nissan S14. While the team was preparing the car to hit the track for its practice session on Thursday, they had discovered that they were having some issues with the cars differential. After placing, a quick call to our contact at KAAZ USA to order a replacement. Mordaunt and his crew could do nothing but wait for their arrival the next morning with the needed parts. Unfortunately as the PM Racing crew was removing the diff, they also discovered that both axles were damaged. So to ensure, that broken axles would not be an issue in the cars performance during competition. They were replaced as well. With new found confidence in his Nissan S14, Mordaunt would go on to qualify 21st.

Going into Saturdays competition. Mordaunt found himself going up again Kyle Mohan. A former teammate, and good friend. With temperatures soaring well above one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, it was clear that the intense heat was taking its toll on the competitor’s cars, and the track. Which, had caused the course to be slicker than usual. Mordaunt’s top 32 battle with his friend Kyle Mohan had turned out to be one of the young driver’s most exciting, and crowd pleasing battles of the season. With the run being called two “one more times”. Both drivers appeared to be neck and neck with each other. On the last run that had Mordaunt chasing Mohan’s RX-8, Mordaunt was able to get within inches of Mohan’s door as they passed the first clipping point. This resulted in Mordaunt walking away with the victory. His next match up would be with Signal Auto’s Kazu Hayashida in the Mazora Nissan S15. First lap out Mordaunt leads Hayashida creating a massive gap between the two competitors. With no 3rd gear in Hayashida’s car. Following Hayashida on the chase lap would prove to be an issue. As Mordaunt chased Hayashida’s S15 he ended up blowing 3rd gear in his own transmission. As he passed the first clipping point going past the judges stand he miss shifted going into second gear. This caused Mordaunt to straighten up and lose the top 16 match up. Although Mordaunt hadn’t been fortunate enough to advance further in competition. PM Racing, and Mordaunt were still able to acquire some crucial points and move up to 12th in the overall Formula D Championship standings. Next stop Seattle!

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Race Day Media

07-24-2009, 07:48 PM
Pat, great job!

Keep going!