View Full Version : (FEEDBACK) FORMULA D WASHINGTON Aug. 7-8, 2009

08-09-2009, 08:59 AM
1 - Chris Forsberg - NOS / Maxxis 350Z
2 - Eric O'Sullivan - Rockstar / Hankook Subaru
3 - Tyler McQuarrie - Falken 350Z

what a great event! Full of carnage!

Top 32 finished in an hour and 20 minutes, a record so far! The weather held off all weekend, a first for Seattle. Team Menace (happy 10 yr) and others had some sweet cars in the pits. ProAm had some great competition (Congrats Cyrus). Rookie Eric O'Sullivan had his first podium, wrecking his car in the process. Chris Forsberg is now in the drivers seat to the championship.

Sonoma is only 12 days away!! It's going to be crazy!

08-09-2009, 02:39 PM
I am happy. Things I predicted on Thursday while driving to Seattle:
5.Someone will podium for the first time in their Formula D career.
4. We will smell horse manure.
3. It will rain.
2. The crowd will stay and go insane no matter what weather conditions.
1. We will have huge accidents.

Things That Happened:
5. Eric O'Sullivan did this by crashing his way into 2nd place.
4. You could smell it behind the Falken rigs.
3. Got this one wrong.
2. This happened.
1. Daijiro Yoshihara

4 out of 5 isn't bad!

08-10-2009, 12:13 PM
great event! Looking forward to Sonoma

08-11-2009, 10:17 AM
Thank you Seattle!!!!!!!!!!
You guys and gals rule!!!!

The "feet stomping", the waves, the cheers and boo's means you're into it!!!
Keep it up and we'll see you next year!!!!

What an event, as I always say due to the FD Staff, sponsors, teams, crews, you the fans and last but not least the drivers that these events have been getting better and better...

This 2009 championship needed to be spectacular and it did NOT fall short of anything but just amazing!
Seriously EVERY single Round of the championship garnishes more and more fans, attention and exciting driving...

Look at the sheer variation of drivers on the podium, the exciting spectacle that is Formula Drift and overall the experience of a drift that Formula Drift brings is awe inspiring...
All I can say is my small part of being part of the DNA for drifting in the USA and worldwide I love being the 'Voice of Formula Drift" and appreciate each and every fans cheer, boo, comment, autograph asking and photo taking...

Let's keep it up and end this year with a bang!

Sonoma is in less than 2 weeks and plans to be a historic event being teamed up with an IRL event and lastly So Cal better get ready and buy tickets ASAP for the Final Round 7 at THE HOUSE OF DRIFT Irwindale Oct 17th....
My birthday is Oct 19th and I want to make sure my birthday weekend starts off right!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's do this, SEND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!