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08-12-2009, 06:43 PM
Formula D round 5 in Seattle

TEXT BY Daijiro Yoshihara

After the very disappointed round in Vegas, I was fired up to going into this Seattle round.

In the practice session, I was doing well. Because there was under steer, my initiation wasn't stable. But overall I did pretty good and I qualified 5th. 5th place is good but I always do well until in qualifying. The actual competition is from there and I wanted to go farther so bad. However the nightmare became a reality...

I hit the wall hard during the practice session before the top 32 competition. I realized how bad the accident was when I got out of the car. The left front part of the car was gone and the front subframe was pushed to right in front of the firewall. The IS was totaled...I was in despair. I really wished that it was just a bad dream or something. I was so paranoid, so I actually thought it was a dream for a second.

I think I hit the wall going about 85mph and very unfortunately I hit the edge of the wall. It was the worst accident I ever had. However, I wasn't hurt. My neck is sore pretty bad but that's it. I was protected by the SPARCO 5 point harness and the very solid roll cage that Scott at SPD made. If those weren’t made well, I could be have been injured seriously.

I made a huge mistake....