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08-28-2009, 11:19 PM
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CKMedia, producers of The Inside Drift, the Internet radio talk show dedicated to professional drifting, Live Blog Radio, Live continuous coverage of Formula Drift pro drift events, and The DriftZone, the Official Video Podcast of Formula Drift since 2006 announces the 2009 Media/Marketing Summit for Formula Drift drivers and teams to take place in southern California on Monday and Tuesday, October 19,20 immediately following the Irwindale Formula Drift finale.

The Media/Marketing Summit is an intense two day training workshop for Formula Drift drivers, teams and pro-am drivers to learn how to develop and conduct an effective media outreach campaign and how to utilize their new media outreach in conjunction with successful marketing strategies to initiate contact and make develop competent sponsorship proposals for sponsorship at all levels, local, regional and national or global sponsors.

The first day, Monday, drivers and their teams will learn how to conduct their new media outreach strategies involving radio, television, print, and online services and strategies at levels from local to global in scope. drives will get expert coaching on interview techniques from broadcast professionals and there will be actual mock interviews to impart specific techniques for scheduling media interviews and public appearances that can actually create revenue while enhancing their appeal to sponsors.

Tuesday's sessions are about marketing strategies and techniques on preparing realistic sponsorship packages, initiating and maintaining contact with sponsors and presenting those proposals. Also, how to gain visibility and utilize visibility opportunities to enhance their team's profile and revenue possibilities will be covered.

The "faculty" for this workshop includes motorsports media and marketing professionals with experience totaling over 200 years in all. Experts from broadcast, print and online media, and expert marketeers with experience in other major motorpsorts series will work with drivers and teams in very small groups over the entire two days.

"There has never been anything like this in any professional racing series as far as I know," said Gary Keith, President and CEO of CKMedia, producers of the Summit. "What our drivers and teams will learn in just two days will make it possible for them to significantly step up in both their media outreach and their marketing efforts."

"In this difficult fiscal environment, what they will learn at the SUmmit will contribute to their successfully signing more sponsors and partners and greatly enhancing their visibility, at all levels of competition, from pro-am hopefuls, to those competing at the elite level of the Formula Drift professional drift series. This is essential information that every team and driver, from local grass roots efforts, all the way to the most professional teams on the circuit will benefit from," added Keith.

To assure the attendees have the opportunity to interact with each of the presenters, the Summit is limited to just 60 attendees each day. Licensed Formula Drivers will get their invitations on Monday, August 31 and will be given an opportunity to register before the program is offered to pro-am drivers. Any spots still available will be offered to pre-registerd drivers.

In addition to the live sessions, all attendees will receive a complete manual that includes; reiteration of the material taught in the sessions, step-by-step "How to" instructions on the strategies and techniques taught at the sessions, and a resource DVD that includes examples of forms, budgets, media releases, communications and electronic resources.

CKMedia has been in contact with several sponsors about offering "scholarships" to selected drivers and teams. For complete information regarding the specifics of the Summit, costs, pre-registration, and scholarships, interested drivers or teams must contact CKMedia at 2009.media.summit@gmail.com (mail to: 2009.media.summit@gmail.com) or download the information at theinsidedrift.com (http://www.theinsidedrift.com).

Gary Keith will discuss the Media/Marketing Summit and take questions on The Inside Drift Internet radio talk show during the 10:00 PDT hour, Saturday, August 29. If you miss the live show, you can listen to the archived version at Apple's iTunes store, keyword: Inside Drift.