09-12-2009, 06:33 AM
A very important announcement regarding the 2009 Media/Marketing Summit, to be held in Orange County, CA on October 19-20, following the Formula Drift finale at Irwindale, will be made on The Inside Drift (http://theinsidedrift.com) Internet drift-talk radio show, today (Saturday, September 12, 2009) during the 10:00 am - 11:00 am (PDT) hour of the program . The Summit, which will be one of the most important gatherings of Formula Drift pro drivers and teams, along with ProAm drivers and teams, and others, is offered and conducted by CKMedia Associates.
"A rather wonderful thing occurred yesterday, (Friday), a corporate benefactor, has made a very generous cash git to The Summit. The donation is made anonymously by individuals in a company that does business in the performance aftermarket business segment, but for a number of reasons, they wish not to be identified," said Gary Keith, President and CEO of CKMedia and the driving force behind the summit.
"I have never run across anything like this, most especially in such difficult financial times, but the gift will make it possible for us to award scholarships, therefore reducing the cost of the summit to as many as 40 Pro and ProAm drivers," added Keith.
For complete details, listen to The Inside Drift during the 10:00-11:00am (PDT) hour to hear more about scholarships and how to register for the summit.
"Anyone out there, whether an established pro, or grass roots ProAm effort will benefit from the summit as we bring together a group of motivated drivers and teams and a number of established professionals in the areas of media and motorsports marketing, to assist the teams in better understanding how to, even with limited resources, gain n=more media attention, sign more sponsors, and develop new streams of revenue to support their on-track endeavors," added Keith.
What is discussed at this critically important two day meeting will define how teams approach the various forms of media and deal with sponsors in the future.
To register for the 09M/MS you must have an invitation. To learn if you are eligible, contact Gary Keith at gary.w.keith@gmail.com