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09-12-2009, 03:31 PM
From CKMedia Associates/
The 2009 Maedia/Marketing Summit
September 12, 2009
For Immediate Release

Scholarships amounting to between $100.00 and $200.00 per person are available for the first 30 eligible drivers to register to attend the 2009 Media/Marketing Summit conducted by Ckmedia Associates on October 19, 20 in Orange County, CA.
A corporate donor who wishes to remain anonymous has made available up to $5,000 to be applied as scholarships and grants to reduce the cost to drivers who register to attend the summit.
"This is an extraordinarily generous offer from a company which, at present, has no competitive assets in the Formula Drift series," offered Gary Keith, President and CEO of CKMedia Associates and Director of the 09M/MS.
The summit, an intensive two day seminar will bring together a cadre of highly experienced media and motorsports marketing professionals with up to 60 professional drift drivers and teams. Drifters will interact with the presenters and learn specific strategies and techniques on how to step up their media outreach and better market their competitive programs, making their teams and professional drifting as a whole more competitive for media coverage and marketing opportunities in the mainstream motorpsorts community..
"There has really never been anything quite like this summit in any series I have observed covering motorsports at every level for over 30 years," said Keith. "And for a corporation, especially in these difficult economic times, to make such an offer, anonymously, is nothing short of extraordinary. There won't be any banners, or branding of any kind, at their insistence. This is truly an altruistic gesture," added Keith.
Under the plan formulated by CKMedia to apply the gifted funds, "Angel Scholarships", amounting to $100.00 each, will be extended to the first 30 eligible drivers who register for the 09M/MS prior to the close of registration, Monday, September 28, 2009.
A portion of the gift fund will be set aside for up to ten "Special Needs Grants" of $200.00 for instances where very talented, dedicated and passionate drift drivers may need even more than the $100.00 scholarship provides.
"The idea is to spread assistance among as many as possible, so this incredibly valuable experience plus the written and electronic resources provided to each attendee, will be available to anyone who wants to improve the professionalism and marketing of their drift program, whether its a grass roots effort, or an elite team competing at the national championship level," said Keith.
A group of up to nine media and sports marketing professionals with combined experience totaling over 200 years at print and broadcast media and motorpsorts marketing for some of racing's biggest teams and events will lead the sessions which include discussions on how to develop and conduct a media program with little or no budget and no professional outside assistance, strategies to develop successful sponsorship presentations, as well as how to develop new streams of revenue apart from traditional sponsors, and using the new media beyond Facebook and MySpace to energize their fan base and generate income.
Drivers will even receive intensive training from media professionals from network radio and television as well as print journalists, teaching effective interview techniques and practices.
A FACT SHEET and curriculum can be downloaded (http://www.thedriftzone.com/2009-media-summit.v4.pdf) from The Inside Drift show page (http://www.theinsidedrift.com). The online registration form (http://jotform.com/form/92433242842) can be submitted instantly. Only registrations from current Formula Drift pro license holders, or their teams, ProAm drivers and teams that have qualified, or who may still qualify for the ProAm finals in December, or any other driver who has received an invitation from CKMedia will be accepted. No distinction or advantage is extended to either Pros or non-pros, or by series. Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis.
Though qualified teams may designate one or more people to attend on behalf of he team, at the request of the donor, "Angel Scholarships" and "Special Needs Grants" are available only to drivers.
There is an option for registrations from drivers to be paid in two payments, details are available at the online registration site. The cost to attend the 09M/MS without scholarship or grant is $400.00 per person.
Drivers or team reps who have not yet received an invitation from CKMedia to register for the 09M/MS, but would like to attend should immediately contact Gary Keith (gary.w.keith@gmail.com). Drivers from Formula Drift in the USA, Drift Mania in Canada, D1GP/USA, and ProDrift in Ireland have contacted CKMedia for details about attending the summit.
A maximum of 60 registrations will be accepted for the seminar which will be held in Orange County, CA on October 19-20, 2009, immediately following the Formula Drift season finale and banquet. Registration for the 09M/MS will close on September 28, 2009.

Fact sheet: www.thedriftzone.com/2009-media-summit.v4.pdf

Online Registration form: http://jotform.com/form/92433242842

The Inside Drift show page: http://www.theinsidedrift.com

Gary Keith email: gary.w.keith@gmail.com