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01-27-2010, 01:17 PM
hey all whatz up!???

i'm frank (actually all my hood calls me FastFranky) ... but uh ummm yeah. i'm from alabama, ruffner representing ... give a holla to the 205 son! and yeah i'm just wanting to post up about my whip and what i murder it wiff! so yeah here goes the drop, don't be hating, i'm sick like it ya know!? basically jus a little about me, ummm i've been drifting for about the past 6 years. i started by watching I-D cuzz it's epocically blanging. i like to mostly clutch it hard (hence the major clutch mod you'll see laterz in the "Spec list 2000 of doom son"! we gots major togue down here, i broke my apple learing in a chevy 'maro now i've moved on to better things. my list of cars is huge, but here's a quick list: (2) AE86's both pandas, 4 cressida (3 of 'em with MX90 clips and 2jz's stroked out), had a SN95 'Stang setup with full griggs suspenision for a while, wrecked 2 of the cressies sold the AE's, then i had a S14 for a while with a RB30 in it from my Aussie friend, got rid of that POS to get my S15 from J-Pan but i wrecked it on a 180 degree switch one night. it was cool though b/c i got it filmed for a new drift movie coming out and the producers paid for the shot. then lets see ... i had a AW20 for a while upgraded from my old SW11 that i had a twin charger on, and of course my first car was my '88 'maro that was setup for drift and time attack, but now that got sold for a dirt track car. i've also had a soarer, chaser, and a 1984 toyo mini truck that i setup for drift, but ummm they have all suffered wrong fates. guess the sisters just twisted the strings wrong or summin ... right now i'm rocking a JayDeeEm 180sx with a SR22DETT (yep, it's stroked to 2.2L and rocking a twin setup i fabricated myself from a FD).

so i'll give you the break down of my whip, then my sponsers son (gotta rep the monies) and so pics of the garage breakdown.

* SR20 block
* 2.2L Junn stroker kit
* Dual turbo log style manifold
* Great Twin GTRS38BB turbo (.38 afi trim)
* Anamanium coated crank bearings
* 11:1 JZ Pistons with tops flashed dry carbon
* Carbon Fiber valetrain (including Ti reinforced rollar rockers)
* 10 point valve job
* Bowls micro honed
* Ti conecting rods and crank
* Gready seals
* Gready 10 quart dry sump with Mallory pump motor
* Dual plane Nazzz injected
* Blitz RS Super Sound BOV
* Blitz Nher Spec 4" Turbo's back with 6" tip
* Dual 4" X-pipe custom routed past tranny braket
* APT 2 puck kevlar fiber clutch
* 5 lb lightened stainless steel flywheel
* Minds tune ECU
* 5 core bronze/aluminum radiator
* Tripple SPAZ electric fans
* 32" x 10" x 40" twin I mount SMIC
* Mini fuel radiators
* 990 cc injectors
* BeeHeard Mis-Fire system
* 3 way positronic GTS carbon differintiate
* NitroMetanal direct port piggy back
* 50 gallon Fuel Safe
* Bronze lines
* AP Fuel pump from Cessna 172
* Ti driveshaft from Myshaft
* 5W30 Unicorn oil
* 90w100 Unicorn gear oil

* Full 180sx zenki package
* Custom smoked lighting
* All zip tied fiberglass body panels
* Lexan windows (not yet installed)
* Painted CF doors and 1/4 flares
* Housing of Colors Candy Brandyfine paint (with extra pearl)
* 5% tink on side and back windows
* 10% tink on front window
* Carbon fiber headlight covers (painted)
* Leds rear conversion
* 40K Hids front conversion with CeeBees clear JDM lights
* Angle glow rings
* Full under led neons with multiflash programer
* Galls 10 way strobes
* Leds license illuminator
* Gracer mirrors
* Carbon GT hood (painted)
* Gracer GT500 rear wing (not yet installed)

* 18 x 10 rear, 18 x 9.5 Front SSR full reverse chrome Tech 2 (not in picture)
* 255/40/18 rear, 245/45/18 front Grap triple 5's
* Project Mugen 6 pot front calipers, rebuilt stock 180sx rear
* R32 rear drum upgrade
* Carbon discs and pads
* Gobnobber full Ti strut bars
* Crusco 10 point cro-moly cage with mount for my Flip HD vido
* Gobnobber 50 way adjustable coilovers (drops about 4 inches)
* Gobnobber traction links
* Gobnobber spherical end bearing and toe extender
* Sprung custom one off 14kg/11kg springs for coilovers (not installed)
* Sprung aluminum bushing kit
* Sprung T/C rod
* All Rod tie rod ends
* Circuit Pro FLCA and RLCA and RUCA with TRAS
* Circuit Pro Aluminum coated silicon brake lines
* Circuit Pro upgraded master cylinder and brake booster
* Circuit Pro Hydro e-brake with 26" lever (not installed)
* PMB nuckle conversion (over 80 degrees of angle)

* Custom Leds lighting
* R32 gague cluster recalibrated to work with the 4 pot
* Tweed covered Stock interior
* Bridue seats (not installed)
* Takata 5 piont harness (special blue edition not yet intalled)
* PMB spin turn nob
* New carpet
* Uncracked dash with tack mount (tack not installed)
* Blitz 5" recall tack (see above)
* Audiovox 4x7 2 ways
* Sony Splode 12" sub
* Audiovox CD headunit
* R32 Steering wheel
* Programmer for fans and boost control

* Grap Tires
* Sprung suspenision
* Gobnobber performance
* Circuit Pro
* Audiovox
* JC Whitney
* Harbor Freight
* SSR Wheels
* All Rod
* Blitz Performance
* Unicorn lubricants
* Cars.com
* Myshaft Driveshafts
* BeeHeard
* LuminizeMe tint
* Housing of Colors paint

So far I have 15 top 10 finishes, and I'm getting ready to try for F-D this year. I'm pretty stoaked and stroked as you can imagine. Man my crew and family has put in the hours for this whip, hope you all like it. See you slidewayz skidding at a trak near you holmes!


01-27-2010, 03:15 PM
lol, is this forum becoming like ziptied?

Cavi Mike
01-27-2010, 03:21 PM
Does everyone on ZT talk like Malibu's Most Wanted?

Justin Banner
01-27-2010, 03:29 PM

Does everyone on ZipTied show crack?


Something isn't right here.... ?_?

01-27-2010, 04:14 PM
lmao, please dont tell me you guys are falling for this.

Cavi Mike
01-27-2010, 08:47 PM
Falling for what? I asked you a question.

01-27-2010, 09:45 PM
no but alot of times on zt members make fake accounts and create some funny fake build threads, or poke fun of other idiots on different forums.

Cavi Mike
01-28-2010, 02:24 AM
Sounds like there's some winners over there.

01-28-2010, 07:14 PM
Sounds like there's some winners over there.

Ziptied actually has alot of pros and the top grassroots guys on there. Not many slouches, just guys with a bit of personality...

01-28-2010, 07:18 PM
Wtf? Nope something ISN'T right right there ?_?

01-28-2010, 07:57 PM
There is a bunch of things wrong with that picture, its like looking at the back of a "highlights for kids" magazine.....

Okay guys, lets not act like we are too old to remember those.

02-02-2010, 04:20 PM
Those were teh fun :p