View Full Version : (Australian) R33 project drift car

02-16-2010, 02:22 AM
hey guys im new to here got sugested to post my build thread up.

so here it is.........

i got a 1997 R33 GTST Skyline

its got a RB25 neo conversion.
forged and GTR internals
gready forward facing intake plenum.
660cc injectors
GTR coil packs
GTR intercooler
GTS-R manifold
Garrett T04 hyflowed turbo
3 1/2'' drag way exhaust with screamer pipe
BR limmiter
white line strut braces front and rear
whiteline sway bars
GTR calipers
slotted rotors
HKS coilovers
OS Giken twin plate clutch
400R body kit with a drift duck wing
Drift R 18x8 and 18x10 rims
sparco bucket seat
nardi steering wheel
pretty sure theres alot missing off the list.

now list is mostly provided by previous owner. i took the cheaper option and got something mostly built to save money ha ha.

plan on getting it on the track when i move to the city in the comming weeks

i want bigger rims and a few other bits and pieces but its a working progress.

any ideas are much welcome.

cheers guys and hope to chat to ya all soon
when i get out and get some pics ill post them up.

02-16-2010, 02:55 AM
cos i live in the country and theres no tracks aroung we go stuff around in the pines (forests to you guys) to get a bit of prac in. im moving to the city soon so ill be attending all the prac days and events i can afford untill i start picking up sponsors and do it more full on. the pic with the front bar in half was my mates doing on his first corner ha ha.

ill get some build pics when i get this new shed and got some room to work on it.