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07-19-2003, 01:33 PM
I cant stand those freaking mustangs! sry for being so angry but those @#$#$@# mustang drivers are getting on my nerves! Since im 15 and cant drive yet my dad was taking me home from doing yardwork in my aunts yard. Well it was friday night so some ppl were out just driving around in their weekend cars or what ever. Well as my dad was turning the corner to get on the main road this mustang was going about 80mph on a 40mph road. I see this mustang all the time and i have to tell ya it was rice. Stickers, huge non-functioning muffler, altezza tail lights and aluminum wing, o and a real look at me bodykit. That stupid #$@ nearly hit us! He didnt seem to care as he was trying to race a stupid civic.(i dont know why the civic looked stock) at least the civic slowed down to about 50mph coming to the road.Luckily my dad miss scared us and made me mad. since my dad is a real import fan,he got me into imports i could see why he was mad I am writing this just to state that i hate mustangs. I give respect to those mustang drivers who dont speed all the time trying to show off. Ppl like that are @#!@

7akumi X
07-19-2003, 03:55 PM
Its got nothing to do with a mustang, and alot of the drifters here drive mustangs, a great domestic drift. Be weary, its not the car, but the driver. THE DRIVER SUCKS...not the mustang. Have you seen under this mustangs hood...burning on it without knowing is really not a good practice. Although a rice bowl (rice muff) is probably not helping that guys performance.

dogfight S13
07-19-2003, 03:59 PM
Well once you start driving you'll realize a little better that Mustang drivers aren't the only ones driving like a55holes. You can't stereotype an entire group that drives a certain car to be a certain way. In my experiences, most "ricey" imports drive worse. I see them racing way more, being a lot more inconsiderate, cutting through traffic for no reason. Just my two cents.

07-19-2003, 08:30 PM
yea i know. Generally the mustangs and their drivers "here" are trailer trash. And down here everyone has a mustang. Im not saying that all mustangs and their drivers are crud because i know alot of ppl that drive mustangs and obey every law on the streets. Im saying there is a group of ppl here that is just white trash. You know the type, mullet, dog in the passenger seat,nascar stickers all over thge place rusty hood always asking to race. The kind of driver that races though town just to so off. Yea i guess ricers do that to but there arent any ricers that live in my town(cept one accord) most cars here are stock. For all you mustang drivers out there who arent white trash and take care of your car and drive respectively i salute you!:D

Dori Star
07-21-2003, 07:28 AM
Originally posted by nuclear_turtle
For all you mustang drivers out there who arent white trash and take care of your car and drive respectively i salute you!:D with tha finger? haha, jm... its all tha driver, not spacific groups... except showoff carcrews... i hate them sooo much! :)