View Full Version : US S14 Owners Club

11-30-2003, 12:12 AM
hi guys. i just wanted to let you know about the USA S14 Owners Club! i started this just a few weeks ago as a friendly venture. it was created out of sheer nothingness. its just something that is rather pointless, but is fun at the same time. i have named it Final Version. i chose this name because as most of you know, the s14 is the final version of the s-chassis that we got here in USA. i have made the club sticker and am selling them for a couple dollars, 2 to be exact! if you want to to help support this club, please feel free to buy a sticker. even if you dont have a s14, you can still show your support! thanks everyone. feel free to post comments here or PM me if you want to order stickers.