View Full Version : How did you learn?

12-04-2003, 02:08 AM
How did you learn to drift? Did you follow any specific instruction or did you just go play with the traction until you got it? Have you been through a number of cars teaching yourself how to drift like Takahiro Ueno? Are you into drifting because you want to compete in D1 or want to learn how to execute crazy drifts and be a better driver?

To start things off I learned in my car when I was graduating highschool.. I was always doing donuts and sliding all over the parking lots - I picked up on drifting as I started reading about it from friends in Japan. I've been through one car, I sorta screwed it up drifting. I love the car to death and I'm building it back for my own driving pleasure as well as another car for drifting. I truthfully don't care to compete in any drifting matches at the moment. If someone calls me out thats, that but I am intersted in learning skill and being a better driver.

12-04-2003, 02:45 AM
Havent had a chance to drift my FC yet. There is no place around here to do that. But i would love to learn especialy to become a better driver. I grew up driving dirt track cars so i have some skill in drifting but i'm sure its way different on street.

12-04-2003, 03:13 AM
When i was 15 i learned about drifting, and living in a small town you can drive to like the store w/o a liscense(cops didnt care) so i would go out in the 86' corolla i got and drift, the place i lived just looked like it was setup to drift so many back to back curves, and then i sold the car to a friend(he wrecked it):(. I bought a 240 kept drifting except faster, now im doing the 350. I just do it for fun but would love to compete just for good times some day.