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project kouki
12-05-2003, 11:41 PM
any one watch trl for last week?dang they were givin away a r34.to me it looked riced out,but dang i wonder who was lucky enough to win it.

12-06-2003, 12:15 AM
Damn really? crap, I will never be that lucky...rice or not rice its still an R34.

12-06-2003, 12:24 AM
I saw it today on TRL. They have not given it away to my knowledge. It was just sitting out side in Time's Square getting snowed on. That poor R34 is need of a driver.:(

Can A Bowl
12-06-2003, 12:36 AM
I herad "Need for Speed Underground" is giving away a clone R34 from that game. It might be the same one.

If not, Nissan has sunk to the lowest it has ever been......b@stards.:(

12-06-2003, 12:41 AM
Its not Nissan. Who cares. Some kid will get it, and crash it. No big deal, I feel most for the car, its a sad story.

Can A Bowl
12-06-2003, 01:09 AM
Bet ya he'll be listening to that Chingy f@g when he crashs.

right ther....fuking idiot.

12-06-2003, 01:37 AM
I cant beleive they let it sit out in the snow with the windows down!! poor thing,

Can A Bowl
12-06-2003, 01:40 AM
anybody got a pic, I can't watch MTV it makes me want to kick puppies.

12-06-2003, 01:42 AM
Originally posted by Can A Bowl
anybody got a pic, I can't watch MTV it makes me want to kick puppies. http://images.ea.com/eagames/official/nfs_underground/gallery/images/all/set2/scrn_1.jpg

Want more pics go here http://www.eagames.com/official/nfs/underground/us/gallery.jsp?setID=set2&numID=9&platformID=all

Can A Bowl
12-06-2003, 01:51 AM

12-06-2003, 05:41 AM
some girl won it. it seems more like a publicity stunt to me though.

12-06-2003, 06:05 AM
lucky *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*:mad:

12-06-2003, 06:07 AM
J/K :p

Happy motoring to whoever won it.....it's a prize :)

12-06-2003, 06:35 AM
A 47,000 car , micheal of rhode island won it. she sounds like a ricer lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

42253 was the winning numbers. im just mad because I got a busy signal :mad:

12-06-2003, 10:37 AM
i dont want one handed to me. im gonna save up for the rest of my life and buy one before i die and be buried with it.

Young Drifter
12-06-2003, 11:23 AM
That would be such an exspensive Burial. It would cost allot of money because they would have to dig a HUGE hole. lol And make a MASSIVE coffin.

12-06-2003, 12:16 PM
and theyd have to make sure to glue my hands to the shifter and steering wheel. they wont have to put the grin on my face cause itll already be there. i'll race jesus lol (and hopefully not the devil)

project kouki
12-06-2003, 11:31 PM
shell probly crash the car.poor thing.its a mannual rhd.so imagine a girl that cant drive mannual tryin to learn on that car.thats if she cant drive mannual.feel sorry for that car...

12-06-2003, 11:34 PM
my bet would be it goes on ebay within a month

Senshi Tenshi
12-06-2003, 11:43 PM
god im jealous

ebay ebay ebay ya think so? *hopes up* ill be glued to ebay for next 3 months ..wait nm i give it 2.

lol jk

..oh but i AM still jealous :D

Ghost of Duluth
12-07-2003, 01:11 AM
Sheeeeeet you can hand me one all day long. Why save up when one can be handed to you. That mug go to the paint shop day one, get painted flat black, no stickers or emblems, diff wheels, black of course and start stomping. I'd be a terror. Mountain passes would fall.

Oh and if you got buried in one, better be unmarked cause my screen name would be changed to Graverobber if it wasn't

12-07-2003, 05:06 PM
well if you look at the pics on eagames you can see the moviecarz.com sticker. I bet you craig lieberman set this whole thing up...

12-07-2003, 05:47 PM
I knew a girl that couldn't drive a stick would win it. I could see her freak out when she found out she won it and then going what is a Skyline? I have never heard of it before. Why is the steering wheel on the other side? It is a stick, crap I can't drive one and don't have the patients to learn how. Man, I can't even afford the taxes on this car. Looks like we are going to have to sell it. Then some guy rips this girl off because she doesn't know what she has. I wish that guy was me.

12-07-2003, 06:00 PM
Originally posted by prodigy
Then some guy rips this girl off because she doesn't know what she has. I wish that guy was me.

Good. At least someone who can apperiacte it will have it. BTW Craigs cars = *Censored**Censored**Censored* as fuk. I belive he has no style. And i dont respect him after what he said to me at the D1. Fuk him and his 15hp shot of nitrous on the lambo.

12-07-2003, 06:06 PM
Don't sweat it Chas, he is the leader of the ricers. He is the reason for the morons on the streets.

12-07-2003, 08:32 PM
Chas, whatd craig say to you at the D1? if you dont feel like posting it just talk to me on AIM sometime...

BTW that car has prolly no engine mods except that intercooler and crap, of course i could be wrong, but anyway, i agree, that car will most likely end up on eBay or sumthing and that girl prolly has no idea what it is. I bet if you mentioned a RB26DETT to her shed think you were a psycho, either that or naming a size of pants.....

12-07-2003, 10:18 PM
Hes just anal about his *Censored**Censored**Censored* *Censored**Censored**Censored* cars. I mean i come within 15 feet of the stupid lambo and he says im to close. WTF? Rsr let me sit in there car, along with a few others. Hes just some rich ricer with bad bad taste.

12-07-2003, 10:20 PM
Originally posted by driftmunky
that intercooler

That stock intercooler?