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tylermcquarrie 11-21-2014 03:55 PM

CR2 Xtrac 4 speed dog box
I used this gear box in my Camaro. We got a new gear box sponsor so I need to let this go.....
CR2C 4 spd. racing transmission has the lightest rotating weight internals and smoothest shift of any transmission in its market. C&R Racing and Xtrac collaborated together to design the most advanced and precise transmission for the NASCAR® market. The CR2C meets the minimum 80 lb. weight rule for NASCAR® competition and has internally adjustable ballast to ensure the transmission stays at the minimum weight in any gear or shifter setback configuration.

Design features:
• Xtrac designed gearing, featuring KAPP ground geometry and Xtrac VAR steels, with all processes being completed in-house for consistency, traceability, and quality assurance.
• Lightest Rotating Mass
• Reduced Frictional Losses
• Low Drag PDF Front & Rear Seals
• Nutted Mainshaft for increased stiffness and gear alignment
• Low Friction Shift Linkage and Mechanism for quicker shifts
• Optional Integral Oil Pump

CR2 – Light Weight 4 spd. Racing Transmission
All of the same design features and performance advantages as the CR2C transmission except a dry weight of 63 lbs. complete with a 21″ setback shifter. This IS the transmission that was OUTLAWED from NASCAR® who instigated the 80 lb. transmission weight rule. Light weight design is achieved with cast magnesium maincase and midplate.

This transmission is ideal for series such as Drifting, Short Course Off Road Racing, Road Course Racing, or any stock car series without a transmission minimum weight rule!

$6800 OBO

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