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04msmz06 09-13-2004 11:29 PM

Corvette Z06 as a drift car?
Hello everyone.

I'm new to drifting but a big fan. Sam Hubinette is my favorite
drifter, but I've yet to see all of the top drivers. I know there are
many great ones out there. I have a stock 2004 Corvette Z06,
and I was wondering how you guys think it would fare in drifting
events with a good driver? Is it "driftable" in stock form? Are
there any pro drivers drifting Z06s? My long term goal is to get a
second '02 - '04 Z06 and turn it into a track car. I sure do want
to drift it in sanctioned events after I've had some lessons and
gained some experience. Thanks for the input.

malcolm 09-14-2004 01:04 PM

the corvette has excellent balance, but you'll want to take out as much weight as you can (ie. gut the doors, remove all interior, etc, etc). Our racecar is down to 2720 without fuel or driver, and that is with an extensive cage... The only drawback would be the handbrake, as it operates as a "drum-within-disc" at the rear. We all know drum brakes suck, and it wouldn't even come close to locking the rears. Once you are sliding, however, it may still help with adjusting your drift angle.

You say you're new to drifting? Well, do yourself a favour and don't learn how to drift in your corvette. If you can afford a corvette, you can likely afford to drop a few grand to pick up a cheap 240 or RWD Corolla (AE86). Learn in one of those, so you can learn to drift with low power. Then after you've mastered that, try the corvette. It will seem so much more stable compared to the others, and probably easier to drift. Still, keep in mind that it's better to crash a $5000 car while learning than to do the same to a $60,000+ car. ;)

UberSpeed 09-14-2004 02:15 PM

I completely agree. Get yourself a cheap rwd car and learn on that. As far as pros using Corvettes, Rhyse Millen uses a new GTO (much to the dismay of the crowd) and Tarzan now drifts his Dodge Viper SRT-10. niether are Corvettes, but both are from Detroit companies, both have big 8+cylinders and both are rear drive. So ya, that would be a good car to drift with ya lucky bastard. 2 Z06s...

04msmz06 09-14-2004 09:25 PM

Thanks guys for the replies and the great advice...

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