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When all is said/done, about $11,000 including the car. A good chunk of that money was spend fixing rather than modding though, hard to find a used car that's been taken care of...

Apologies for the water spots -- it was foggy/misting




235/40/17 Michelin Pilot Sports on 17X8" MKIV tt wheels up front
205/60/15 Yokohama AVS AV1-60s on 15X7" Ford Mustang steelies in the back

HKS hipermax II's on all 4 corners (springs = way too soft, strongly discourage this for serious use) -- JIC 18kg/10kg linear springs coming soon

Ebay Front Strut Bar

Goodridge SS brake lines, Motul Fluid, stock pads/rotors


stock 3.9 LSD, stock R154, stock clutch

Intake/exhaust, slightly upgraded turbo, HKS bov, profec A, fluidyne and MHG/arp bolts etc -- ~300-350hp at 10-14psi (depending on the mood).

Weight Reduction:

home-made fiberglass hood, and 90% gutted car with corbeau racing seat, no AC, no cruise, no radio etc. It last tipped the scales at 3050lbs, but that was before the 5spd swap and coilovers -- shooting for 2950lbs once I cut out some of this extra wiring and clean up a few more loose ends

85,000 miles on the chassis; <15,000 on the engine/turbo and most mods
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