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Easily one of the funniest threads I've ever read. A tip phailrider, if you truely have nothing to prove, don't bother arguing about it. Seriously, you bitching (all be it funny) proves more and more that it's a lie.

Originally Posted by phalerider View Post
I dont want to know who did it. Its too late for that now. I'll probly never know. My fight now is with Visa and this payday loan place. And whoever did it their fight is with whatever branch of the law handle electronic crimes.
F.Y.I. on this, you can't do a thing. I've been paying extremely close attention to laws pertaining to personal information, mainly internet privacy laws for about 10 years now. YOU volentarily put your personal email address in a public forum where an un told number of people could see it. Being as all these sites need is an email address, well you can resign yourself to spam for the rest of this email addresses life.

Oh and if you want to get into legal matters, it's illegal to physically threaten someone, even if it's not in person. If you wish I could report you to the proper authorities. Chances are not much would happen to you, but there is a possibility of being detained and even possibly a fine. But I guarantee it would be a nuisance.

Oh and on the topic of pulling your posts apart, I'd like to comment on your spelling and grammer. I can understand poor spelling to a point. I can't deny the fact mine's quite horrid myself. But at least I make an honest attempt and look up words I'm not sure on. It's literally hard to read some of your posts because of strange misspellings and incorrect grammer.

Originally Posted by akuma S14 View Post
Nope I am not a professional cage fighter... I fight in the dark alleys where the real fighters are... not some well lit cage with rules. I do it for the love not the money! I don't want sponsors or free gear... I do it because I like to! Come out to my alley and see what it's like.... if I beat you you give me 10k and if I lose then I'll quite fighting forever!
I gotta say, hands down, this is the quote of the year.

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