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Originally Posted by topsecret2001
the tranny is a weak point but the getrag is waaay overkill unless you're planning on a 500hp+ car...

The JDM 5spd is what you want but they're hard to find...

BTW, a sub 3000lb SC/Soarer is possible with some gutting, carbon fiber parts, and a titanium exhaust. I don't think Driftgirl is right about the doors though...they're suuuper heavy. The Vertex ones cost about $8000 but they're drycarbon which isn't practical or affordable for most people. A company called SWAT makes FR and wet carbon doors that are much cheaper and should help enough. Lexan door windows would help alot also. GTP products suck and it would be interesting to actually see how much weight their CF trunk saves...I doubt it's much. I reccomend the Varis CF hood ( as it's great quality and very lightweight.
Ive taken my doors off about 3 or 4 times when painting it. I can lift them by myself... Its been a myth going around the Lexus community for far too long. They associated the size and style of the door hinge to weight. yes its an aircraft style hinge, but its there because of the WAY it opens the door, and NOT entirely due to excessive weight. If you notice these doors are LONG. If a standard hinge was used, you wouldnt get out of the car in a tight parking space. The hinge is designed to move the door out and then open. Its not a 'Civic door' by any means. It's just under 60 Inches if I remember correctly

ImportFan/gtp knocked off my car back in tha day with the carbon Trunk. I was the only SC in the states running around with carbon body/interior parts.

The stock trunk is very light in its OEM form. I was pretty surprised!...carbon is overkill and should be considered a 'cosmetic' mod in my opinion.

DomLee: what type of HP numbers are you looking to get?
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