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Weight is relative. the Source of a lot of the SC3/400 is the high density cavity sound deadening material. Its very thick, almost like tar and it completely fills the A Pillars, firewall, and a few other choice locations. This sound deadening material adds roughly a good 100-150lbs to the car, on top of other foam style sound proofers. Not to mention the stock drivers power seat weighs well over 120lbs ( 2 electric motors help ) and the passenger seat weighs around the 70lb range.

Ironicly, the SC400 is a much better choice for building a lightweight Soarer. the 1UZ-FE weighs a tad over 100lbs less than the 2jzge (gte weighs more). The 1UZ-fe also sits further back, shifting the center of gravity closer to the center of the car.

Ok now for the next argument. It only came as an automatic.

This is true, the A341E is a very heavy transmissionm although very smooth. There are 2 options as far as this is concerned. Option A. There is a higher stall and stronger torque converter avail, as well as "shift kits" from various places.

Option B. Manual Trans Conversion. This is a much more involved option mainly due to some potential minor fabrication. Ironicly, most of it can be done using factory parts. I am in the midst of doing the conversion myself thanks to the information of a member of Clublexus also doing the conversion, and a couple of friends in Australia. Since my car is relatively stock right now i will not have anywhere near as many problems as he will (doing a lot of mods). There are aftermarket Bellhousings avail from Australia, as well as full conversion packages including every part you need (mostly OEM Toyota MK3 Supra parts) minus the transmission. The conversion package will cost about $1100 USD plus freight ($1500). Then you just need an R154 trans from a Soarer 2.5GT with tailshaft and front driveshaft section. Then theres the Master cyl, and obviously clutch and brake pedals (Factory SC300 5spd) and center trim bezel with shift boot (also OEM SC300 5spd). I am close to finishing my conversion as long as i dont run into any other problems (My trans was missing the shifter). Once the conversion is complete that should drop around 125lbs off of the car (A341E is a very HEAVY trans) and weigh less than a stock SC300 5spd, with a much nicer (IMHO) engine.

Now the car is lighter, has a stick, and has a Very FLAT powerband with lots of torque, and lots more potential.

Its not unrealistic to make a 3000lb SC300/400, however to keep lots of the nice daily driving features like A/C and Stereo. Power accesories. 3200- 3300lbs is still easily attainable, depending on how crazy you get. (Stock SC300/400 is around 3600lbs)
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