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Well I was at the first round this weekend, the car is awesome, we had a
lot of minor/stupid issues who finally let me out, but we can fixed
almost everything.

Thatīs what happend when you can not go to a test-shakedown to fix all
that minor things

By the way, I made my feed rails and they work great!

After only 20 minutes of practice session we saw the front tension rods
like this -no hits or soins just drift-

with no time to fix anything, we went to the qualifying, and the car is
so good that with the front wheels scratching with the bumper and a lot
of steering problems due the bended arms, the car could made 5 position
in qualifying!

In the battles, in the practice battle when I was finishing the other
guy was in the middle section, lots of torque and very very good
response, then, in the real battle, when I start the car start to rattle
and fail a lot, an intake sensor unplugged itself and let me out in the
top 16.

the car also have some electrical issues, but Iīm very happy with

the car is a monster, Iīm eager to go to the track to practice and get
used to her

here a video, the middle section was too far and they let us to go
straight a little, who was great because the steering problems I had,
but with only 20 minutes of training I was very happy inside and I think
I could perform well in the car in short time

sorry for the bad quality, itīs almost impossible to see
the clippings

here the full cronicle with a lot of pictures, the english version at the bottom
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