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Originally Posted by gigglesnirt View Post
I think it's a stretch that it would ever really happen, but if it does it would be cool.

I doubt it'll ever make it as a drift only place, open it up to karting or supermoto or amateur streetbike trackdays, basically anything so there's always money coming in because i really doubt drifting alone could support it. If it were good I'm sure I and many others up here would drive from Utah for a weekend on it.
He's got a point. I would be careful when designing the place to not make any part of it too specialized. There's a really good chance that you'll need to open up your track to other forms of motorsports just to pay the bills. Possibly something like closed/track maintenance on Monday, supermoto on Tuesday, Autocross on Wednesday, Karts on Thursday, Drifting on weekends. Maybe even work 1/8 mile drag racing in there also, depending on the size or shape of the property. Being a "speedway" rather than just a "drift track" is going to be much more appealing to the people approving loans.

A paved road course can be used for a few different things, but an open asphalt area with some cones and moveable barriers can be used for pretty much anything. That way, even if you are just a "drift track" at first, you have some options if the industry goes under or the market isn't what you thought it would be.
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