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Awww, my first sticky Thanks mods!

Food - The viscous type on your forester does drive the wheels 50/50 initially, which is why you probably get crappy gas mileage. The 5MT will vary power up to 80/20 or 20/80 depending on conditions and slippage. The 4EAT (Electronic Automatic Transmission) are 80/20 initial split and can go to 60/40 under slippage (with pre-96 models having a 90/10 initial split). Post-2000 models used all sorts of computer sensors to split power for optimum traction using clutch-packs, and also raised atf and clutch fluid pressure to maximum to give a faster reaction time.

The AWD system is really good, so there won't be times where you'll notice that you're just spinning the fronts only unless you get ahold of a high-speed video camera. Drifting a stock AWD car can be really challenging because of this as well - usually in a drift the rears will be going faster than the front, enabling them to take a wider line, but in AWD all 4 wheels want to be going the same speed, which makes the car want to travel straight with power-understeer (as opposed to handling understeer).

It's hard to say what exactly will be a good setup for AWD cars because all AWD systems are different. Even within in companies there may be several variations of a single system - my Legacy Turbo had a quite evident rear-biasment and slower reaction time than newer cars, which made it much easier to drift and "trick" into being RWD. The ATTESA ETS will deliver 100% power to the rear and transfer up to 30% to the front under slip with enough delay to momentarily burn the rear skins. Mitsubishi's AWD will drive 90/10 initially and transfer power up to a 60/40 split, but the rear drive lines on the DSM's is particuralrly weak (except for between 1990 and April 1991), making the EVO drivetrain a bit better as a starting point.

Basically, getting some H&R springs with KYB AGX's and a 24mm rear sway bar from Cobb Tuning (for Subaru) will be a good starting point. Cusco makes all sorts of suspension parts for a bunch of different cars and will most likely have parts for a Forester (it's the same platform as an Impreza/WRX) or any other car you've got if you ask them.

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