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waiting for my hachiroku
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drifting go cart (not gixxerkart)

i just finished my plans for a sweet go kart that will hold me off until i get a real car.
im using a 660cc raptor 4 stroke motor with around 75 hp stock and am going to mount it to a solid rear end with a full caged frame. i plan to use the susp., brakes, and controls from a used raptor. i also will buy some old coilovers that are stiff enough to use on the road. buying a sparco seat and 4 point harness. tuning the motor a ton. overboring to 700cc, full racing port,head work and a high lift cam. all of this should give me about 85 to 90 hp and will scream through a strait header. ill get a racing 6 speed transmission and a foot clutch converter and make it so that the foot is softened so its like a sequential shifter. taking most of the parts off the raptor. having the steering done professionally along with the frame wich may be stainless but probally steel. using 10x5 inch rims and 15x5 inch tires (lawnmower tires) in back and some stickier tires in the front. with 12x7 inch tires for mudding and off road.

weight: est 550 lbs with driver
Power: 90 hp and 95 ft lb
top speed: 85+

cost: about 4 grand total

sound good?
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