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I run a welded diff in my Legacy.

The amount of noise you get will depend on what tire you use - a stickier tire will continue to grip the road past the point where a harder tire will slip and make noise. A stickier tire will also transmit more of the twisting force to your axles, differential, and suspension, taxing those parts more than a harder tire will. The only times that I experience a lot of noise and banging is when turning tightly at low speeds, such as in parking lots and U-turns.

Because you have zero differential effect, it's more like an "infinite-way" than a "2-way". With most 2-ways you can catch grip if you give enough throttle input to be between acceleration and decelleration, but a welded will often stay slipping. No differential effect will also cause you to understeer on anything other than heavy throttle-on (like decellerating into corners, etc.

I also consider it a temporary solution, and will be upgrading ASAP.
Cheap fixes can cost you a lot in repairs...

For S13, an inexpensive solution would be the J30 (R200) differential, which is VLSD from the factory and is a direct swap (no modification required) to S13.
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