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i've welded lots of diffs over the years. on big rock crawlers, they stress out the steering axles really badly, and break the shafts and u-joints. on the back of a drift car though, and especially nissans, the diffs are made very stong. the axle shafts are again the weak point, and they will snap if you introduce enough grip into the equation. most drifters aren't going to introduce all that much grip though, most go with less, so the whole thing stays together. let me say that if your going to break axles with the welded diff, your doing it through lots of power and grippy tires. this scenario is going to cause carnage regardless of the type of diff you run, because in the end, your putting a huge amount of stress on everything. this stress is being applied with the power, and a good clutch lsd will be applying that power in the same manner as a welded diff, breaking things. the welded diff only really applies extra stress when your off the throttle, and this means the stress being applied is pretty low anyways.

anyways, i'm rambling and you get the point. last thing i will say is a welded diff would suck for real road racing or autox, as it will affect your steering. in drifting though, they kick *Censored**Censored**Censored* as soon as you understand how they work.

oh, and the savings continue when you never have to change the fluid, and you don't have to use 40 dollar lsd fluid.
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