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I mean you've got to know how dumb your first post sounds right?

Originally Posted by phalerider View Post
I guess I kind got caught up in downhill cause of the movies. But, I soon found out what hollywood cameras hide. Downhill is scary. It seem to require whats beyond my two years experiance. Uphill I never took serious and I assumed it was for high powered cars. I should stop assuming. My motor is in and I'm restarting prelim shakedowns.
You said there you only have 2 years of experience (which I think is plenty really But i'll get into that later) But hell yeah downhill is scary I don't know anyone who even has a misconception that it isn't.

I went to the spot alone thursday alone and a Z33 happened to get behind me on the uphill. About 8 minutes of maddness. This situation wasnt my intention but i figured it would help to have a little pressure.

he gave up about 4 minuets in, yeah my head swelled. I beat a turbo z in a n/a spraypainted rotary. but what hit me more was how comfortable i was. the only thing that slowed my down was a bad rear brake rotor that kept throwing off weight transfers. Drifts were confident and complete. straits were slow (N/A). I got to the point where i wasnt nervously staring at the hood and steering wheel. I was actually looking about 4 to 7 seconds ahead to the next incline.
You have 2 years of experience and you're just starting to look a head of yourself, slow learner I take it. But really I have no idea how ONE rear brake rotor could be throwing off your weight transfer, if any of your brakes work weight transfer will happen anyways. Also if you didnt know the guy how did you know it was a turbo Z

I think I'm hooked. I even came home and finally tried an uphill course on the simulater TXRD2.
now this is the one that cracks me up Kaido battle 3 (Tokyo racer drift 2) Is not a simulator has some of the worst physics of any game I have ever played I have pplayed the *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* out of the japanese version because well it is fun. But it is not a sim in any respect really

The weight transfer issue is my main question. My rear brakes need work. but the car would rock like a ship on braking and turn in to the next drift.

so any tips on controlling weight transition?
this is such a vague question you can't even answer it its like asking "how do I sail a Sail boat?" i mean the specifics are deep and varied based on the situation. But really if you want to ask a vague question you will get a vague answer

Shift weight forward = let off gas or get on brakes
Shift weight rearward = get on gas
shift weight to the right = turn left
shift weight to left = turn left

use in combination but im sure with 2 years of experience you should al ready know that.

Yes, I need to install my suspension but its cold here so that has to wait.

and either way good suspension or not a bad transition is a bad transition. And i definitely had myself worried two times.

thank you in advance
i mean really what you said sounds very vague in every respect so vage that it could easily be a complete fabrication. believe it or not we get alot of people who join this and other web sites who love to make tons of *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* up and we usually don't give stories like yours the benefit of the doubt unless there is some sort of proof
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