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In stock form... 91-96 models (zenki(91-94 before minor change) and chuki (95-96 middle of minor change)) 2.5L turbo Soarers are twin turbos. (twin CT12A turbines, that will blow real easy once the boost is turned up past 1.0kg for prolonged periods of time due to wonderful ceramic blade turbines ...spools fast though) I believe from 97 to the end of jzz30 body .. I think 2000 or 2001 (kouki (97+ after minor change)) they changed over to VVTi and single turbine (CT26 if I remember correctly) These engines correspond to the same Chaser/Cresta/MarkII of 90 and 100 series engines as well. 90= twin trubo 100=VVTi with single turbo.

If your lucky enough to find one... JZX90 cpu is same cpu as JZZ30 so if you find a front clip with cpu and harness from JZX90 it will work as it is the same cpu/harness to engine. likewise jzx90 power fc or fcon will work for soarer as well. just some things to ponder anyways good luck.

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