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FS: 1988 325is, OBD2 3.2L M3 Engine "S52", 5-lug M3 + +s Bay Area, CA

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Thumbs up FS: 1988 325is, OBD2 3.2L M3 Engine "S52", 5-lug M3 + +s Bay Area, CA

e30: 3-series from '84?-92
e36: 3-series from '92-98

I drifted for ~6years, but then i got this car and got into road racing for a while. I'd still attended events every now and then.

Up for sale is my street legal 1988 325is, Aka 332is. It has a 3.2L M3 engine, Upgraded M3 brakes, top of the line suspension and many many other things. Read on. I will summarize the car as best as i can and even then i will miss a lot of things. I've had these cars for the better part of a decade. I know them, and other bmws, extremely well. I'm known in the bmw forums for my extensive knowledge in engine building, troubleshooting, suspension and electronics. This is the last E30 i'll own.

The good thing about a car like this is that all the work has been done for you. I'm talking about over a thausand man-hours over 4 years. This one has been built entirely by me. I'm also a mechanical engineer that designs motorcycle engines for a living so i know a thing or two.

A warning - you are interested in this car because you are probably going to paint it at some point.

Lets begin with the Engine:
Engine Bay shaved of unnecesary brackets and repainted.
Tucked Wiring Harness
1997 3.2L M3 Engine "S52" - Rebuilt ~ 3500-4000mi on the street and 5-6hours of track time on the engine. It runs like a brand new bmw! Its beautiful.
OBDII Computer - after very intense 3months of Wiring Kamasutra in 2007, i figured it all out. That was 3 cars ago. Anti-Theft works with the e36 chip key. Its awesome. Even the diagnostics port. This goes to all Californians - this car passes Smog!
$200 Oil Pan Baffle - no ticking, under no circumstances!
Oil Cooler - 2QT capacity with a 180*F thermostat on -8AN lines. Total Engine Oil capacity is about 8.5qts
Oil Temperature Gauge - electric mounted inside.
Oil Pressure Gauge - electric, mounted inside.
E36 Aluminum Radiator
16" Spal Electric Fan - Switch inside next to Gauges
Solid Aluminum Engine mount that I designed (and sell)
Reinforced Front Surbframe with Turner reinforcement kit - TIG welded.

Note - i built the car while in Florida. It never overheated there. Here in the Bay Area i rarely have to turn on the fan.

Custom Exhaust
Aftermarket Headers.
1997 M3 Cats - car actually already passed CA Smog
Fully working OBD2, from engine check light to having all 4 working O2 sensors and all emissions devices installed.
After Catalytic Converters exhaust Y's to a single 2.5" pipe going to a $200 Borla XS Pro muffler.
The sound is exquisite, and its on the quieter side because of cats.

ZF (e36M3) Transmission, 5sp
Sach's e36 M3 OEM (sprung) clutch - makes it super easy to drive. Perfect even with track use.
14lb Chromoly Light Flywheel
e36 M3 driveshaft (only combination of OEM parts that fit)
3.25LSD - same gearing as an e36 M3 in other words

Stud Kit on all four wheels with extra studs and lug nuts
Front parts come from an e36 M3
Rear parts come from an e36 318ti
Included are rims from a 1995 M3 ("DS1 rims") and a 1997 M3 ("DS2 rims").
4x "DS1" Rims 17x7.5 - R-compound Nitto NT01 235/40-17 ~ 70% thread left.
4x "DS2" Rims 17x7.5 - i don't remember what tires, but healthy
2x 328is Rims 16x7? - i don't remember what tires
2-4 spare tires!
New Wheel Bearings - lucky you this is one of the hardest most time consuming jobs to do.

Rebuilt All calipers 6mo ago
Wilwood Brake Bias Valve
HT10 Front Pads (NEW) with NEW ROTORS - these are top of the line $350 track worthy brake pads. Less than 1000mi on them.
Hawk Blue Rear pads, I would say they are at about 70%.
I have yet to experience brake fade a track with this setup. Brakes are overly done and the car is very light.

Koni Top Adjustable shocks all around.
8/10kg/mm (450/550lb) Ground Control Coilovers
Kmac Camber Plates toe & camber.
All bushings upgraded, solid on Differential.
Recent Control Arms ($$) and tie rods.
Corner Balanced at Roebling Road.
Last alignment in June/July - have alignment sheet too.

Interior: nothing inside but:
FIA Sparco Sprint Seat - Homologated 2013
FIA 6point Camlok Harness from G-Force. Also 2013
I bought these together and new.
Passenger seat is an used Sparco Sprint seat, very similar to the driver's seat.
5 point camlok harness. Both FIA homolagated, but expired. Expiration only applies to race clubs, good for recreational events and HPDEs.
Still good for passengers on DE, autoX everything short of a sanctioned race.
Totally and utterly Gutted. Like nothing besides functional dash gauges switches lights etc.
No sunroof/frame, drier, AC ducting, sound deadening. Nada. Zip. Even the Sunroof was Skinned.
Magnetic numbers 0's and 3's on roof for use on your door.
Harnesses connect to bases on the back seat frame for proper angle.

Paint is a 4/10. The car is cheap because of this factor alone. Paint it. Or enjoy it as is like i did for so many years.
It actually doesn't need much body work. Its pretty straight just paint.

Everything is works beautifully on this car.
Thought i tracked this car for many years, i took very good care of it and NEVER beat on it. Not even at the track. See the below track videos. I let the car do the work because its fast all on its own.

For reference, a spec e30 or spec miata will go around Thunderhill raceway in 2:20-2:30. This e30 does it 2:04-2:06!. Laguna Seca in 1:44-1:46.

See some recent videos here:

The reason for selling this love of my life is that i'm tracking motorcycles now and rarely drive her. I commute it to work every now and then and its an absolute blast to drive around. This is a car to be driven and enjoyed. Its solid, i built it like a tank. Reinforced in structurally questionable areas. Reliable. Proven performance and i rate 15/10 on the fun factor. All go, no show.

Whatever i missed feel free to ask, or come see for yourself.

Call or Text 561 nine zero 1 five six 6 five.
I reply to emails rather quickly too.

Located in the California Bay Area. Specifically in San Mateo, CA. I can drive to meet you to some extent too.


Cork Screw @ Laguna Seca

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